As the year 1886 came into focus, little did the Middle Georgia area know what changes would encompass them all, for it was in a spirit of concern, trust and faith that the Mt. Moriah Baptist came into being. On September 26, 1886, the first official meeting was held on Flanders Street in the east Macon Section. The new church would be called Mt. Moriah Baptist Church and Rev. Harrison Hall was unanimously elected as the first Pastor. The membership selected a lot on Powell Street and erected a wooden structure, and Rev. Hall worked untiringly baptizing more tha two hundred members before his death in November 1903. Mount Moriah continued to grow both spiritually and physically under the leadership of annointed pastors ans dedicated members. Because of the Urban Renewal Plan it became necessary for the church to relocate to its present site, 2789 Millerfield Road in Macon, GA in November of 1967. Rev. Lonzy Edwards, the current pastor was installed April 4, 1984. Under his leadership Mount Moriah continues to progress with special emphasis placed on education and positive life skills. In 1996, the church was incorporated and a Board of Directors was named. Through its many ministries the church continues to serve as a spiritual lighthouse for this community, making disciples, teaching and preaching the word, and providing a nurturing environment for all God’s children to dwell in the beauty of Holiness.


Mount Moriah is a church, community, and family that loves deeply and sees the value of the human soul as paramount. When you become a member of Mount Moriah you can expect this community to actively pray for you, to be there for you when called upon, and to assist with leading you closer to God through discipleship. All we ask is that you serve others with the same heart that Jesus has. We believe in the ongoing process of spiritual growth of the Christian through the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. Each person is to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and in developing and employing their spiritual gifts through the Church so others may come to know Christ and the Church be built up into maturity.

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